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Questions to ask?

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Questions to ask?

Background: I’m 34, I’ve had positive high risk HPV (not 16/18) in the past but my body was able to fight off infection and I was also tested before 30 which isn’t even done now.  I switched gyn offices 2 years ago and when I told the NP that I had tested positive for high risk in the past she insisted colposcopy was necessary bevasive it was more than one positive even though smears have always been normal. I had the colposcopy 2 years ago and she didn’t see any need for biopsy. I was supposed to return in 1 year for smear but only went back this year (almost 2 years to the day).  I’m now coming up positive hpv (high risk but not specific) and abnormal pap (seems like it’s saying low grade changes).  So I’m scheduled for another colposcopy next week.  

I’m wondering if I should be asking specific questions.  Should I try to get a 16/18 specific swab test?  Do I insist on biopsy?  Should I be getting other blood work?  I don’t currently have a general physician and haven’t done any bloodwork in 3 years except std tests.  Any advice, thoughts, etc. helpful since I’m driving myself crazy and attributing every weird feeling to this.

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