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Referral for Colposcopy

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Referral for Colposcopy

i had my first smear last July (2018), by August I had my results and they showed abnormal cells. The hospital wrote to me explaining this and asked me to make an appointment.


i had the colposcopy and had a biopsy taken on the same day - waited 6 weeks for tthe results and was told I had CIN1.


I was told to have another smear within a year to check everything - but I was okay. I had my second smear this July (2019) and I have only just received a letter saying that this time I have been referred to the colposcopy clinic. There is no explanation for what has been found? And my doctors said I will need an appointment with them to discuss if I want to know before hand as they can’t do it over the phone.


im now worried that waiting a year (on their instruction) may mean something has happened? Has anyone else experienced this or had a letter of referral without an explanation?


Thank you



Hey ,

youll be absolutely fine . Same thing happened to me . I went in about a week ago , has lletz done at the same time and it’s honestly fine .. I’m the biggest wimp around with needles and pain and I can hand on heart tell you it’s ok .. you’ll be fine .. don’t google just go stay calm and trust the people there. Xx




thanks so so much for your response. I can’t seem to not think about it, but I’m trying to stay off google as well! You know what it’s like,




It’s normal to not think about , but I promise you it’s fine . The nurses said to me they wouldn’t be working there if they put people in pain xxx

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