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Referred for coloscopy-HPV+symptoms

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Referred for coloscopy-HPV+symptoms

Hi everyone

I'm 24- 25 next friday! 

In January I had my first smear which came back hpv positive but no cell changes. During my smear the nurse found it difficult to get a swab from my cervix so now looking back I'm nervous as to whether I could have had cell changes but she didnt get a good enough swab.

I know I have had hpv for atleast 7 years. I lost my virginity very young, 15 years old. But it was with the man I'm with now and he has only slept with me. So I know I didnt get hpv from him. In 2013 we broke up for 6 months and I slept with someone else. My partner swears he never slept with anyone else in that time so I know that's when I must have contracted hpv. 

From what I know about hpv usually being cleared within 2 years I was concerned but just thought when I go back in 12 months I bet they'll say it's gone.

Well for the last 2 months I have had bleeding after sex. Its gotten worse each time.

First symptom I had was I woke up in the middle of the night with what felt like severe period pains and they went within a few minutes. Since then I have been bleeding after sex (I haven't had a period in 2 years due to implant) I keep getting pelvic pain too. Discharge but it doesnt smell.  Dr has stabbed me for infections and it has all come back normal so he has referred me to Gyno for coloscopy.


I'm so anxious. I know theres something wrong with my body. I feel like I'm on my period but without the blood if that makes sense. The morning following the night I have sex, I am bleeding, which has gotten heavier each time. I'm then crampy and in pain all day but I dont have actual pain during intercourse.


I know noone can diagnose me on here. I'm just looking to see if anyone else has had a similar experience? Could it possibly be anything else other than cervical cancer knowing that I definatly don't have an infection. I also want to add the dr did look at my cervix but it was bleeding and he couldn't see anything properly but he did say he couldn't see any polyps or anything like that.

Any advice/experiences anything would be appreciated !



  1. Lr

I did not have any of these symptoms, but I just wanted to say I am sorry and that I am sending you my best thoughts. The problem with being female is that there are just so many things that can go wrong, many of which are simple fixes. It is hard to know what is going on without tests. You do have some symptoms that are related to cervical cancer, but they could also be related to your implant or some other issue as well.  Colposcopy is definitely the road to answers, so you are on the right track. Try not to drive youself too crazy until you have actual information to work with. I know it easier said than done, but overthinking is going to drive you crazy and make you sick. Take good care of yourself between now and then and keep us posted. We are here to help!


11/18Abnormal Pap CINIII

12/18Colpo confirmsCINIII

12/18Cold Knife cone biopsy confirms CiNIII, clear margins-doctor suggest hysterectomy

1/19 second opinion-close monitoring appropriate

5/19, 8/19 paps and colpos CIN I

2/20 Pap reveals CIN III

3/17/20 Lietz under GA

3/20/20 Diagnosed with invasice cervical cancer, no clear margins

5/12/20Radical Hysterectomy, Lymph node dissection, ovarian transposition-Staged 1B1-no further treatment needed

Follow up 9/28/20



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Thanks so much for taking the time to reply to my post.

That is very true, I know all I need to do now is wait for my colposcopy. Just trying to take my mind off it. I had a bleed yesterday after moving a heavy wardrobe, which scared me but now I realise I should take it easy until I know what's going on. Will defo post an update xxx

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