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Referred to Oncologist- does this mean cancer?

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Referred to Oncologist- does this mean cancer?

Hello everyone,


I am a little bit confused about the next stage of my treatment. To cut a very long story short- I had an abnormal pap that indicated possible cancer, I had a colposcopy 2 weeks ago and the results last week said it was just CIN3. I went private for my colposcopy because I was so anxious and didnt want to wait 4 weeks for it so I got in quicker private but then asked to be referred back public. My Gyno gave me my results - CIN3, no cancer, and said she would make a referral to the hospital to talk about surgery. I have just got a letter saying I have an appointment next week with a Gyno Oncologist. I thought oncologists dealt with treating cancer so this has scared me a bit - but my question is - do oncologist also deal with pre-cancerous cells? 

THank you 

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Yes they do. My gynae oncologist did my major surgery but I know he also does the colposcopy clinic. Chances are you won't even meet that person but he/she will be there to call upon if there is anything strange about your case. Sounds like you are in safe hands! Good luck.

    • Stage 3 Glassy cell adenocarcinoma  1997 (negative smear tests).

Treated with Wertheim's hysterectomy, chemorads.

October 2017- new squamous cell vaginal tumour diagnosed,  probably radiation-induced. 

Total pelvic exenteration on 19th December 2017. 

March 18 Post-op CT scan shows healthy kidneys and successful urostomy and colostomy. No evidence of recurrence. Discharged by urology and colorectal surgeons. 2 down and 2 to go!

June 2018. CT scan shows 2 new pulmonary nodules.  

CT Scan Jan 2019. Nodules gone. No evidence of disease. 


Thanks so much for responding and for the reassurance Petesdragon. 



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