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Scared and confused

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Scared and confused


Brief history - bled during sex, sent to cancer exclusion clinic by GP.  First biopsies clear, ectropian found.  They suggested treating them with with solcogyn which would be applied via colposcopy.  During first appointment (first colposcopy for solcogyn application) they took two further biopsies.  (The solcogyn is applied twice).  When i went back for second appointment I was told that the biopsies this time showed CiN1.  I am to have a smear test in a year.

When the GP referred me she did a smear and the results came back - the letter said as I was negative for HPV they did not check the cells.  I don't know if this is a county or a national thing, but i have been advised that cells in any further smear tests will only be tested if there is HPV present.  

after the first two biopsies i had pain/bleeding for a few days.  The  bleeding after sex stopped.


This time it is different.  My second solcogyn treatment nearly three weeks ago and I still have blood in urine and bleed after sex.  I am also quite uncomfortable.  I am also bloated.


i am scared.  I find any examination of this type very traumatic.  I don't want to go back to the GP because I do not want to be examined again, and i do not want a smear if the cells are just going to be left.  I can't carry on like this though.

The specialist that I saw suggested I should ask to see a gynaecologist due to the other symptoms I have had for a substantial time (clots).  Again, this scares me.  

Please can people share how long it took their bodies to heal from these treatments?  That is what I am hoping is the cause of this.  I am hoping I just need to be patient and it will go away.  Am i kidding myslef?

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