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Scared and nervous

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Jen Hedley
Scared and nervous

I have had a letter saying I'm HPV positive and have high grade changes. My appointment is on Thursday and due to Covid have to go in alone. Im trying to remain optimistic but I'm just so scared about the results. I'm also worried that the procedure will really hurt. 

Just any advice/experiences of the treatment would be greatly appreciated.



Hey Jen,

I was in your exact position a week ago, and the thought of going in alone if I got bad news was making me extremely anxious (and I'm a Nurse.. I think that's more of a curse when it comes to your own health).

Honestly, as soon as I got there I felt 1000% better. They are health professionals, they were comforting, reassuring and informative.

the Colposcopy itself will not feel any different than to that of a smear test. I also had biopsies that day. They use local anaesthetic which is a tiny little sting (nothing to worry about, I promise) and then after that, you don't feel a thing!

Even if they want to do a "see and treat" so perform the LLETZ there and then, you will have local anaesthetic and after that little tiny sting, you won't feel a thing! It's the thought of it all that is the worst I think.

i have my appointment tomorrow where I get my biopsy results and possibly the LLETZ. I'm slightly anxious mostly about the results but if I have to have the LLETZ, I know it won't be much to worry about.

your anxiety is very normal. It's the unknown that's the worst. I'm sure you will feel better tomorrow when you have the chance to ask questions!

good luck!




Hi Jen..

:) Didn't want to read and not reply!

I completely understand your fear- I was here 6 months ago. I went from normal smear to Cin3 in 3 years and had to have a lletz/leep at my first colposcopy.

I was so nervous. BUT I will be completely honest with you.... a colposcopy (in my opinion) (and I'm a wimp!) was less painful than my smears ever were. I think it's because these nurses at a colposcopy do this day in day out- and normally even the speculum hurts me- but it was so much better than smear.

I didn't even feel the anaesthetic. They will chat to you and hold your hand, take your mind off what's happening. It's just a lot of fumbling and a tiny bit of pressure? Is how I'd describe it. It's done In minutes and you can have a good old chat! It's so scary I understand.. but it's most definitely worth it all :)

They will give you a cup of tea after and allow you to relax and sit for a moment. Take a nice jumper or cardigan to wrap up in after. Then if someone is waiting outside for you, that's great. Let them take you home/or if you feel okay to drive them go home and put on a nice film and get some chocolate or a wine or a cuppa! And just take it easy for the day. 

I hope it all goes well for you- I'm sure you'll be so brave :)

You're in the best care. 
Be proud of yourself for going and looking after your body.


All the best, (sorry for the essssssay)

Lauren xx



This was me exactly. To make matters worse they decided I needed a general anaesthetic due to post menopausal dryness and pain so an extra week to worry and an operation! 

But it meant the consultant did it himself and it turns out it was a *tiny* lesion and he thinks he gor all the affected tissue and if the biopsy does find any cancer cells he's very optimistic.

But I can't tell you how terrified I was. The terror is real but remember - this is all part of a screening process so that rhey catch anything like HPV and abnormal cells before they become a problem so everything's crossed for you - I hope it's as straightforward for you as it seems ro have been for me xxxxx

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