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Severe dyskaryosis Again

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Severe dyskaryosis Again

Had my smear test 6 months post baby and it has come back as severe CIN3 changes again. I had this early 2019, was treated and all clear so went on to get pregnant but it has returned again since having my little girl. Can't believe I am back here again and having to have the cells removed again. Does anyone know if having the lletz done again can affect me going on to have a second baby? 


Hi Siobhan

from what I've read it doesn't effect you falling pregnant or your fertility but it can effect you carrying the baby to full term. When you go for your colposcopy this is certainly something to raise with the Dr and nurses as a concern of yours and they will give you the best advice. I think it will depend on how much they removed from LLETZ the first time and how well it has healed.


1. HPV Vaccine Age 16/17 approx 10/ 11 Years Ago. 2. Age 25 - First Smear Normal

3. Oct 2020 - Second smear Age 27 - Result = HPV Positive & High-grade severe dyskaryosis. Referred for Colposcopy 

4. 16/11/2020

Colposcopy - DR said area too large for on the day treatment. Referred for LLETZ under GA. 5. 30/11/20 pre-op assessment - surgery booked for 21/12

6. Surgery cancelled due to tier 4 Covid pandemic, surgeon requested to see me 23/12 to try and do LLETZ awake

7. 23/12 LLETZ procedure completed 

8. 28/1/21 Results received - CIN2 with test of cure in 6 months time!

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