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Severe dyskaryosis LLETZ and babies (ttc) (pregnancy)

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Severe dyskaryosis LLETZ and babies (ttc) (pregnancy)
  • I'm really new to this but would love some help please. Yesterday I had a lletz (loop/LEEP) procedure. I'm not bleeding much, slightly shattered and some cramps. I was a total mess during the procedure, cried the whole way through I just found the whole thing overwhelming. But it's done and hopefully my results are good ones. I'm desperate to try for a baby after my wedding was cancelled last year due to covid and trying to rearrange for 2021 but I doubt that's going to happen. I would love to hear some success stories of pregnancy soon after LLETZ or some guidance as to how long I should wait. Your help would be much appreciated! 


Im in the same position.. if LLetz is successful and we have clear margins then we get a smear test after 6 months to be given the clear. Personally I was told it's best to wait for this as if we were to get pregnant and we had a bad result, they may not be able to treat us until after the baby is born. Best asking your doctor after you've had your results :)

Nov 2020: Smear

Dec 2020: Colopscopy - CIN3 Severe

11/1/21 Lletz

results pending


I'd love to give you positivity but I'm on similar (or worse) situation. :< 

age 30

Jan 2015 Cytology LSIL

July 2015 HPV 33, 53, 56 positive

March 2017 HPV 42+, CIN1

age 35 (no kids)

May 2020 HPV 42++, AGC-nos, biopsy : chronic cervicitis

June 2020  Asc-us

Octobor 2020 HPV 53++, 42+++, Cytology : class 2 imflammation

November 2020 miscarriage, Biopsy : CIN3

November 2020 LLETZ : CIS, endocervical/deep margin positive. 2.0 x 1.5 x 0.5cm, glandular extention, koilocytotic atypia


Hi K,

I would definitely say wait until you've had your 6 month follow up. This will mean your cervix will be completely healed and as candy says, if you are still positive and have abnormal cells again they would be unable to treat until baby is born. In all honesty I would guess it's your choice but perhaps send a message to Ask the Expert on here to see if they have any medical based advice for you xx

1. Had HPV Vaccine Age 16/17 at College approx 10/ 11 Years Ago. 2. First smear invitation Age 25 - Results Normal

3. Oct 2020 - Second smear invitation Age 27 - Results HPV Positive & High-grade severe dyskaryosis. Referred for Colposcopy 

4. 16/11/2020

Colposcopy day - DR said area too large to do any on the day treatment. Being referred for LLETZ under general anaesthetic. 5. 30/11/20 pre-op assessment - surgery booked for 21/12

6. Surgery cancelled due to tier 4 Covid pandemic, surgeon requested to see me 23/12 to try and do LLETZ awake

7. 23/12 LLETZ procedure completed - awaiting results 

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