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Sex 4 month after lletz

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Sex 4 month after lletz

Apologies if tmi....So I had lletz 4 months ago and had sex for the first time yesterday....didn't think anything of it as was way past the 6 weeks recommended,it had been so long I'd actually completely forgotten about the lletz
Everything was fine,having a great time until after when went for the post-coital wee and discovered blood when I wiped and what looked like a pale sort of clot(???)then saw blood all over bed sheets....not bright red more of a browny coloured but quite a bit
I was concerned as it hadnt been a vigorous session and what started the whole 6 years of numerous smears(25!)/biopsies(12)/eventual lletz(1) (all clear now woop)was bleeding after sex
Now I'm wondering if its linked to the lletz??anyone else had similar experience?
I'm so over having docs having a look up there I really dont want to book another appointment for someone else to have a rummage unless needed


Hi was still having the brownish redish blood at 12 weeks after lettz some people just take longer to heal an sex can aggravate the scar tissue it took a few months for mine to eventually stop


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