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Sick fed up to be honest

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Sick fed up to be honest

So I've been having abnormal smears ever 6 months for 2 years and high risk HPV.Now have to wait 8 weeks til I get an appointment and then how long to wait for colposcopy who knows.i went through this in 2012 and didnt wait anywhere near this long.i know we are lucky to have the NHS (I'm a nurse and work for them) but I'm quite anxious about this that now I cant sleep.i work long shifts in a covid ward.i fear I get it and holds up everything.i have symptoms.lower back pain,which could be down to work and severe nausea,I cant eat today,im exhausted(but cant sleep),again could be work.iam single so bleeding after sex I wouldnt know.I feel like I have been forgotten about.sorry for the rant but I'm slowly going out of my mind.I dont want to tell my family they will just worry and they have had enough to last a lifetime.Any advice please?😩


Hey sorry you are going through this right now but I know exactly how you feel. This is my second time round of having abnormal smears and back in March I was told I had low grade changes and hpv positive. I didnt get my colcoscopy appointment till August where I had a biopsy taken and was told I would have the results in 4 weeks. Fast forward 3 MONTHS I finally got them and had my LLETZ treatment today. Now I am told I will receive these results in 4 weeks but I am not holding my breath. I just rang them every week and found out far more that way then I did waiting for a letter that never came , I was also feeling very forgotten about. My only advice is to just keep ringing like I did so they know u are anxious, the doctor ended up ringing me back and giving my results over the phone but still had to wait another 3 weeks to get my appointment letter through. Keep ur head up and try to keep busy x


Thank you for your reply. I read other women's stories about how they are sent after 1 or 2 abnormal smears.i was last time after 2.ive had 4 now and it doesnt seem reasonable to me.ive never been told how severe my abnormal cells are,just that they are.I think when I get my appointment through I will call and take a cancellation if one comes up as I fear of getting slipped through the net.

Is this your first time with lletz?how did it go?



Hi Jacq

Thought I would reply as I am going through the same thing at the moment, and completely understand how your feeling. Waiting is the hardest part. I have had abnormal smears since 2016 consistently and had Llettz treatment this year after having a biopsy which showed cin3. I have just been to have my 6 month follow up smear, where the nurse has found more issues with my cervix and referred me back to the hospital. Now I'm a worried mess waiting for my smear results and colposcopy appt.

It all gets very draining doesn't it. But try to stay positive, Ask them to let you know of any cancellations & I also wrote down all my questions whilst I'm waiting so I can walk away from the appointment having answers.

 This forum has been so good for support, if you ever need to talk there is lots of people to offer advice and support and the helpline is really good too.

Take care x


Gosh I thought I was bad with the waiting.i wish you luck come back and let us know how you get on.fingers crossed for you.i just want that appointment letter through and then I may calm a little. x


I got an appointment for the 31st I'm so glad I've only a few weeks to wait.hope it doesn't get cancelled.I have an appointment that's relief for me after 2 years of anxiety  x

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