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Smear/colposcopy results don’t match

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Smear/colposcopy results don’t match

Hey guys!!

I had a smear test on sept 1st results were ASCUS (barely abnormal) what doctor said 

colposcopy/biospy result on 10.1 showed CIN3 

anyone else experience this? If so did you find out why it didn't match? 
having procedure this week to have abnormal cells removed and to make sure no more progression. 



How did you get on? I was wondering if that was common too as I have cin 1 and hpv but dr took a biopsy at colposcopy which I wasn't expecting, now I'm thinking she saw something worse. Who knows. Hope you're ok and you get sorted x


I was the same smear showed  borderline changes which was told was basically below CIN 1, biopsy came back as CIN 2. 


Did you have any symptoms Katie? And did you have the LLETZ? X


Hi Chloe,

Nope I've had no symptoms at all! 
I had the LLETZ procedure 12 days ago now. It honestly was fine xx


Do you have to wait for results from the LLETZ now? It's so worrying isn't it.... I was expecting the dr to say at colposcopy yes it's fine we will put you on yearly smears or even that she would remove cells then. But she's done a biopsy now I have to wait and see, I couldn't speak to the dr during either as she was speaking technically to a student dr the whole way through and hca was distracting me. I have a bad feeling about it even though it showed as cin 1 at smear as the reason I went for a smear was because I had symtpoms but haven't had the chance to say that. Sorry for the rant I'm definitely catastrophising. I hope all comes back well for you x


That's ok you aren't ranting, it is all quite a worry isn't it! I'd explain your symptoms when they call or send you a letter next with your biopsy results definitely. 

Yes I'm just awaiting LLETZ results now hoping it all clear, fingers crossed x

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