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Some advice welcomed re: repeated colposcopy

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Some advice welcomed re: repeated colposcopy

Hi all, 

First time poster! My saga began in May of 2018 when I had gone for a long overdue smear (it actually ended up being several due to my tilted cervix wreaking havoc on the nurse). My results came back abnormal - Cell changes, low grade dyskaryosis and high risk HPV. I was sent to hospital for a colposcopy and my results came back with nothing sinister but I was advised to attend another smear in 6 months time. I did so and the same results came back so I had my 2nd colposcopy a few weeks later. This time the doctor took a few more biopsies than last time (I'm not sure why) and they were sent off for testing.

He said at the time that I had some pre-cancerous cells which would need treated but he was reluctant to do so as I am "still young and have no children". (I was 29 at the time) He said then said I should come back for another colposcopy in 12 months time, which I am due to have next Thursday the 20th. 

Has this happened with anybody else? I find it odd that they wouldn't treat me before even though he claimed I needed it. I can only assume that means it's nothing serious but I suffer a lot from random bleeding and other things that have been going on for years. I have ruled almost everything else I can out so I am desperate for this to be resolved to see if it makes anything better.

Also one last thing sorry! My period should be here by now but it seems to be stalling because I am stressed and worried about next week and in typical fashion I feel like it will arrive the week of the appointment. Will I have to reschedule? I will cry if I have to! 

Thanks for reading if you made it this far haha laughing

L x


Hi, you wont need to reschedule your appointment, the colposcopy can generally be done at any time of your cycle. If they did not treat the low grade cells they must have been CIN1. The body can often fight these cells from the system so they may not need treatment, just monitoring to ensure they dont become CIN 2 or 3. At this stage they can also leave it a few years while women have children.


Having CIN 2 to 3 and LLETZ treatment does not mean you wont be able to have children, it can weaken the cervix and some women may need a stitch during pregnancy depending how much they remove. I had CIN 2-3 and LLETZ treatment the year I became pregnant with my second child and had no issues during pregnancy. As you have the high risk HPV its just important to monitor your cell changes to remove on time if your body doesnt clear them with your immune system. Good luck with your treatment.


Thank you, I am at the waiting room for my appointment now. Thanks for explaining that all so well, I feel like there is just a minefield of confusing information when you go googling!



No problem, how did you get on? I hope you got good news and feel less stressed. 

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