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Some Good News & Hope!!

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Some Good News & Hope!!

First off, I would like to thank all you lovely ladies on here who have shared experiences and stories that got me through my first abnormal results and coloposcopy! I also want to thank those who responded to my first post. You all made me feel I was not alone!!

I had my LEEP procedure done last Thursday, which was extremely scary to me. I requested an anti-anxiety medication to help alleviate some of the nerves. It helped, but overall the procedure was somewhat uncomfortable and not the smoothest! Everybody is different. Once it was over, I was in such an emotional state and cried for a bit afterward. 

Since then, I've had very mild discomfort. It's actually been much better than after the colposcopy! 

So, doc called yesterday and shared the results. They got ALL of the dysplasia! She said that they may have gotten more than they needed, but honestly I'd rather be safe than sorry. Now I guess it's all up to my immune system to keep beating it down. 

I was going over how CIN 2/3 could have developed under three years and I've settled on the possibility that my levels of stress and increased drinking may have had something to do with it. So, I've decided to cut back on the drinking and finally adopt those yoga class and mindfulness into my schedule. I should have three years ago after starting up a new full-time job and school!!

Take care of yourselves, my friends, and thank you for your support on here!


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