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I just wanted to come on here and share my experience. I am 34 years old and recently had my Colposcopy and punch biopsy.... awaiting results 😬

I've struggled throughout the years with smears in terms of not being able to tolerate the speculum and a result having a failed the examination 😭 to the point I've had them done under GA

I've tackled those fears and I am able to be examined. My last smear was mildly abnormal and HPV. I attended my Colposcopy... I asked the Dr once the speculum was inside to let me adjust and get used to it. She said wiggle your toes, which I did and I've never experienced a speculum being opened without even being aware. Honesty this made 10000% difference to my experience. I never felt a thing. I just had to share this tip/technique for those that also suffer with the speculum examination. I was able to have my Colposcopy and biopsy (local anesthetic gel) completely discomfort free. And I have such bad medical anxiety this honestly would have been impossible previously.

Hope this helps someone going through the same fears..wiggle your toes! I've never heard this or have been advised this before. I guess it relaxes your muscles down there. 😊


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Wowza.  Well done for persisting with getting your smears done despite your fears etc.  I started to have a lot of problems with smears when I was 50y and unfortunately (see my back story) elected to stop attending for them.  I often wonder how many women avoid smears for reasons of fear, pain etc.  Sharing tips to get through smears is really helpful - could very usefully be a topic for  coffee break conversations etc. 


  • Feb 04:  (age 47y) Smear test normal
  • Stopped going for smears!
  • Summer 16: persistent watery yellow vaginal discharge
  • Dec 16: PMB
  • Jan 17: Hysteroscopy under GA for ?fibroids - abnormal cervix observed -multiple biopsies taken, 1B1 (1B2 on new FIGO) squamous cell cc diagnosed - confirmed by MRI/PET scans
  • Feb 17: pelvic lymphadenectomy - nodes negative, Da Vinci radical hysterectomy- close anterior margin/LVSI/PNI, restaged to 2A1 (2A1 on new FIGO)
  • Apr/May 17: 6x chemo, 25x external radio, 2x brachy
  • May 20:  NED.  Side effects notably hypotonic bladder since hysterectomy - ongoing ISC, unilateral lymphoedema lower abdo/groin/leg/ankle/foot

I completely agree, it's a great talking point and anything that can help other women suffering with these fears, and these fears deepen the longer time goes on being unable to be examined. 

It's honestly been a real struggle, however I am so grateful for the tips I have been handed, as simple as they are, they can literally make all the difference.

I felt amazing after my Colposcopy experience yesterday and was so grateful for the Dr who gave me that tip...I just had to share. I genuinely believe there are a lot of women who can't tolerate this kind of examination and I really hope this helps.

So Sorry to hear you have also struggled 😢 x

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