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strange suture randomly found!

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strange suture randomly found!

Hi everyone! I'm new here but not new to cervical issues.

I had a very off putting experience today, but first....

Some background:

20 years ago had ASCUS on pap....did cryrosurgery and for next 17 years all paps were fine (I had them done most years).

I moved to a new state 2 years ago and found a new doctor.  Pap showed mild dysplasia  and neg HPV. She also did colposcopy....same thing found as pap....  figured since I was nearing menopause she would do cryrosurgery. 

Last year I started having some spotting only after sex. it happened most times after sex and last less than a day each time. It went on for a month and took place about 4 or 5 months before I could technically be called in menopause.

I went to see gyn but ended up seeing the partner of my new gyn. She was not a very nice person at all. Quite rough...uninterested and knew nothing about my history. She always had an excuse for not reading my chart.  She did a pap and it came back showing exact same thing as pap the year before but now showed high risk hpv. when i received the report it said the designation of high risk could be due to the sample quality but she discounted it and recommended a leep. 

A pelvic ultrasound was negative.

The leep was done in October, under anaesthesia, in a hospital (doctors choice).

The biopsy from leep showed cin1 and 2 and positive margins. That doctor recommended hysterectomy to be proactive. 

I sent all of my records to my old gyn in my old state  and she strongly suggested an endo biopsy and 2nd opinion from a doctor in a bigger city.  

I found a new gyn but had a long wait to see her. I discussed hysterectomy with her and we decided to wait a few months and redo pap and do colpscopy.  She did an endo biopsy at my behest...it was negative.

Today I went back for pap and colposcopy....here is the unnerving part....when she was examining me she asked me again was vaginal surgical procedures I had in past. She asked because she found, in my vaginal wall, a suture!!!

There is no reason whatsoever why there should be a random suture in my vaginal wall! I thought maybe during leep the cervix had to be sutures for some reason but the doc who performed it saud nothinh whatsoever about complications or sutures AND the suture was in the wall!

The doc showed it to me. It was rigid and almost 2 inches long! it had two knots, one near center and one near end.

The doctor didn't seem concerned but just thought it extremely odd. In the US doctors worry about being sued and perhaps she didn't want to tell me what she really thought for worry I would go back to the other doc raring for a fight.

I am completely perplexed why that suture was there.  I know the old doctor would never own up to anything.  She didn't say a word about it to my husband when I was in recovery after the procedure and she never said anything to me. Even when I went back to her 3 weeks after the procedure still bleeding she said the leep must have "knocked one last period" loose because there was no reason I should have still been bleeding related yo the leep.....but now I wonder.....

Anyone have any ideas at all where that suture came from????


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