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Symptoms and anxiety

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Symptoms and anxiety

Hi everyone,

Thank you all so much for all the information that is already on here. Prepare yourselves because this is a long one! I have IBS so I am used to having abdominal pain but it has gotten much worse over the last few months. I was in hospital for three days while they did tests and scans and they didn't find anything. I had a laparoscopy last week to look for endometriosis and they didn't find what they were looking for and my consultant told me the pain would go away by itself.


My symptoms are lower abdominal pain, swelling, pain spreads to my hip and back and sometimes down my leg too, the other big one is that I always need to pee. I am also convinced I can feel a lump close to my cervix. I haven't had any bleeding but because of the pain I've not been having sex really, my period has become virtually non existent for the last three months despite me not being on any contraception. My GP who is an ex gynaecologist did a smear yesterday, (first time anyone looked at my cervix despite me asking) and she was concerned by what she saw. She said my cervix is inflamed and there is erosion there and tissue growing. She has referred me for a colposcopy. 

I'm 25 and terrified that this is cervical cancer. Has anyone had any similar symptoms and not had it? Do you have to have bleeding for it to be cervical cancer? Any info at all would be helpful. Does anyone know how long I'll have to wait for the colposcopy?

Thank you,


Laura x


Laura no, I'm afraid I dont have any experience like yours but you haven't had a reply from anyone so I just thought at least I can send you a virtual hug - it's so scary. I can only point you to the information section of this site, you might find some helpful info there. Even if it is cancer, don't panic, hopefully it's treatable. 

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