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Terrified - Smear result

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Terrified - Smear result

Hi everyone,


I was nervous even making this account, but this seems like the best place to be for people going through the same thing as I am! Hi everyone :) 


I am 24.5 years old, and have had the nexplanon hormonal implant in my arm since November 2016. I've had pretty irregular bleeding throughout its duration, and complained to doctors multiple times - I was either told to wait it out and let it calm down or take a mini pill to help regulate it (tried this once, resulted in major mood swings). Long story short, I rode it out and in the last few months I was having bleeds on a weekly basis. Whilst waiting for it to be removed I suspected the bleeding may be more sinister (i've been put on ferrous fumarate for my low iron stores due to the irregular bleeds), so started asking my GP for a smear test. As I am under 25, I was refused and was told by my GP i'm "just paranoid about cancer", so I took matters into my own hands and had one done privately (for £180). So glad I did as I found out on the 14th Feb I have HPV with low-grade dyskaryosis. Coloscopy is scheduled for 5th March.

Here is the confusing part - I had the implant removed on the 6th Feburary and the bleeding has completely stopped - although now I am experiencing period-like cramps on my right side. No weird discharge or anything, just pain. I'm terrified that this is one of the cases where something has been missed and it has already advanced, or even small-cell cervical cancer.

Would I be able to achieve anything by going to the walk in centre or A&E? GP visits seem to get me nowhere.


Thank you for reading.


Aimée x



It sounds really stressful what you've been through with the implant and not really getting anywhere with your GP about the irregular bleeding (I had a similar experience!).


It's great you've got a colposcopy booked for 5th of March, they are so fantastic at what they do there that they'll be able to let you know for certain what abnormalities you have and if you need treatment (I've had two colposcopies & biopsies and a LLETZ). Explain your pain symptoms too in case this adds anything to what they see! 

Best of luck for the colposcopy,


Lucy xx

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