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Third Treatment for CIN 3

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Third Treatment for CIN 3

Sorry, I'm new here and my last post didn't seem to work :-(

I've had 2 LLetz treatments for high grade CIN 3.
After the second treatment the doctor re-assured me that all the bad cells would have been removed.

But I've just had a call from the hospital following my last follow up smear test, to say I have high grade CIN 3 again, and I have to go for colposcopy on Monday.

I'm worried I will never be rid of these bad cells :-(

How many procedures can they do before the only option is hysterectomy?

I'm worried about my health, but also about having a baby. I feel like I'm running out of time, and this is another set back.

Any positive stories out there where people conceived and recovered from recurring CIN3? xx

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