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tomorrows the day

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tomorrows the day

Tomorrow is finally upon me, the wait is over. After my doc amd gyne finding a white patch visable by eye on my cervix and a swollen and low womb, I finally have my coloscopy, biopsy and scan. Nervous obviously but just wondering if they see something odd will they say straight away or is it a case of waiting again which is worse than anything. 


Hello Work83

You must be quite relieved that you don't need to wait too much longer. They will tell you on the day if they find thickening of your womb lining on the scan and I was told on the day that they had found a small ovarian cyst. At the colposcopy they will probably take biopsies but you have to wait for those results to come back from the lab. From what I can gather on here they are pretty straight talking and will be honest with you. They are usually very kind and caring and will put you at your ease as much as possible. Don't hesitate to ask the staff questions. I hope that you soon find out what is wrong and get a treatment plan.

All the best

A x

1st ever abnormal smear hpv & severe high grade dyskaryosis August 2019 lletz September 2019 polyp & nabothian cyst found Results hpv & mild cell changes polyp innocent Repeat colposcopy Dec 2019 test of cure January 2020 results of test of cure; no high risk HPV present , check up colposcopy appointment in June because of the discrepancy between initial smear & lletz result - June 2020 repeat colposcopy & pap - all clear - discharged from hospital - next smear in 3 yrs Back again August 2020 following post menopausal bleed; more tests! Turned out to be hormonal/menopause related but they also discovered a small ovarian cyst which they will check again in 4 months; cyst was not related to bleeding


Thank you, i have the same gyne that had the original app with and she was very nice and straight so fingers crossed if anything odd she will tell me, fingercrossed xxx 

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