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Treatment options


I'm new on here, and feeling very anxious regarding recent results. I feel like there has literally been no explanation, no emotional support, and no choice regarding something which I see as quite an emotional subject... 


here's my story 

-sept 2019- first cervical screening ' HPV positive'

-dec 2020 - second cervical screening 'HPV positive with low grade dyskarsosis'

-Feb 2021 - colposcopy, nurses didn't seem overly concerned but took biopsy 

- Feb 2021 - CIN2: appointment given and will do treatment if needed 

I'm feeling really overwhelmed. I've gone from HPV to CIN2 in less than 18 months. These are my big concerns 

- why doesn't my appointment letter offer me the name

of treatment to be expected? How can I prepare to make a decision on this if I can't even research what is likely? 

- if it's just an appointment and they just choose to manage this then I'd rather they tell me... I'm based 2 hours away from my home at the moment (due to work and covid relocation) so it's quite a trip 

- the side effects of LLETZ are really worrying! I'm only 26 and I'm looking at this treatment thinking it's horrible! 

I don't know if any of this is justified... I just feel a bit overwhelmed as mentioned and rushed in this .... as well as having to explain to people that HPV isn't anything I've done 'wrong', the toughest year in history, and now this it's fair to say I'm concerned 


any advice? Any words of wisdom? Would be much appreciated 


thanks so much and stay safe 





Hi Jordan,

It's good you've found the forum, it's a very supportive group of ladies here. It's totally understandable that you're feeling overwhelmed after getting colposcopy results that you weren't expecting especially during a global pandemic. 


Do you have a number you can call on your letter to speak to the colposcopists or nurses about your worries?  I'm not sure if it is standard for hospitals to outline potential treatment options in their letters, I have only had letters like this following face to face discussions as I think often clinicians want to chat a procedure through with you in person to ensure you have a good understanding of it and consent fully. That said, I would imagine your hospital trust or another local trust may have a leaflet on LLETZ and possibly other treatment options, maybe they could email this to you? I also wanted to mention the 'ask the expert' service which Jo's offer, if you get a plan from colposcopy and want to ask anything about this with another medical professional this is a good place to go.


The waiting is a hard time so I hope you get more information soon! X





Aug 2019 - referred for colposcopy following routine smear

Sept 2019 - LLETZ biopsy showed CGIN high grade abnormal cell changes

Oct 2019 - Diagnosed with cervical cancer (adenocarcinoma) aged 31 ?1a1 but unclear margins

Nov 19 - MRI and 2x further LLETZ biopsies to guide treatment, re-staged as 1b1

Dec 2019 - Pelvic lymphadenectomy

Dec 2019 - Lymph nodes clear - no further treatment required at present; ongoing 3 monthly monitoring. Strongly recommended to have hysterectomy in coming years due to CC and BRCA1 mutation 

Jan 2020 - diagnosed with lymphoedema to left groin



you sound very similar to me - I had moderate high grade dyskaryosis ( a year before it was just hpv no abnormal cells and the doctor did not mention anything about it developing quick and that being a concern I think it can happen it seems quite a few have had it out of the blue ) at the colposcopy I was told they would do a biopsy and if it was CIN2 as suspected then I would get a letter inviting me in to discuss treatment as they can either leave it and monitor as it is quite common for your body to naturally get rid of it - or they can treat it . They mentioned 2 ways I can't remember much but I believe one was the lletz  ( the other I'm not sure I remember her saying something about removing 3mm of my cervix but the only thing I can see online that sounds similar to that is a cone biopsy but that's done under GA and I have been told it will be LA .. I might actually put another post about that to find out ) but anyway - my results of the biopsy have confirmed CIN2 and the letter has invited me in to discuss and if required have treatment but it does not list any treatment ... so I imagine it's the same as what they mentioned to me ! Xx 

23/03/20 - smear result - hpv positive . All previous smears clear. 

09/02/21 - smear result - hpv positive + high grade ( moderate ) dyskaryosis. Referred for colposcopy. 

16/02/21- colposcopy and biopsy . Awaiting results 3-4 weeks . 

04/03/21 - biopsy results in , CIN2 confirmed . Treatment booked for 23/03/21

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