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Unaware of symptoms - Worried

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Unaware of symptoms - Worried


I'm new to the forum and looking for some advice/words of wisdom. 
I had abnormal smear Feb 2019. 
Repeated in Sept 2020 and negative at that point. 
I did have some bleeding (with fresh red blood) after sex at some point last year but can't remember when. It only happened once and I thought it was just a once off so didn't do anything. I've had bleeding most of the time since having my 2 children (now 5 &3). I was having numbness and tingling in feet & hands, feeling lightheaded, headaches etc so attended GP in may last year who referred to endocrinology for assessment. They thought it was just low iron because I was bleeding so much. The abnormal smear wasn't looked into at that time and as I say I've since had clear smear result. I had coil fitted in Dec and have had pain and bleeding everyday since it was fitted. I hadn't had sex because I was bleeding so frequently and the coil was uncomfortable. I had a coil check up end Jan and the doctor said it all looked great and that symptoms would just settle. She didn't notice anything whilst fitting the coil or on review. I had sex end Jan for first time since having coil fitted and bled profusely after. It was all over the bathroom floor and flowing out into the toilet. It stopped after 10min. I called NHS 24 for advice who said it was just womb lining being disturbed by the coil. I wasn't so sure so made appt with gp a few days later. She the. Said coil was fine and wasn't the problem but I had an ulcer on my cervix. I have colposcopy tomorrow but I'm so worried about what they'll find. I've had other symptoms such as sharp pain in vagina/cervix, constipation, gripping pain in stomach etc. I'm worried I've been ignoring all these signs and it's cervical cancer. Could the GP have missed it when fitting and reviewing the coil? 
I now feel like there is a sharp scratching sensation in my cervix, my pelvis aches at times. Could it just be something to do with the coil even though gp says no? 
worried sick and not sleeping. 
Has anyone had similar? 

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