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Unexpected Biopsy Results

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Unexpected Biopsy Results

I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same and what the outcome was for you.

In June I had my pap smear. I was due one anyway, but I’d been experiencing pain during intercourse, bleeding after and randomly between periods. I also was and have been getting groin pain and extremely sore breasts – again randomly through the month. The doctor also tested my urine as I suffer from frequent water infections. The urine sample showed that I had increased white blood cells but no infection present, so sent me for an ultra sound on my bladder which looked okay.

I got my pap results back in September that advised I has minor abnormalities and tested positive for HPV so was referred to coloscopy. I didn’t worry at all about this as I know that this is normal if HPV was present. At my coloscopy, the consultant said my cervix looked fine but took 3 biopsies just to double check. I’ve had HPV present each time I’ve had a pap (2) but never any abnormalities.

I was called 2 weeks later to be advised that the biopsies were inadequate and that I needed to return for more.

I went back in on 22nd November and the consultant took 3 ‘good’ sixed amounts away, but again said that my cervix looked fine and that I would get the results in a post but didn’t think that I would need any more treatment.

On the 11th January I received a letter that states that my biopsy showed precancerous cells (CIN 3) and have an appointment booked for 21st Jan for possible treatment.

I believe that they will treat this and I’m okay with what they will do, however, I am worried and concerned by the result. Is it normal that my cells have gone from low grade to high grade 3 within less than 6 months? Also, reading cervical cancer symptoms, I seem to have many (I know I’m probably really over thinking) would that have been picked up in the biopsy? Or can you have those symptoms with a high-grade cell change?
Anyone else have an unexpected biopsy result or been through similar?
I have private medical insurance that covers this, do you think that if I asked, the consultant would consider a hysterectomy? I’m 36 and I have 2 children and do not want anymore.

Any advise or reassurance would be appreciated.

July PAP mild cell changes and HPV+

Oct biopsy inconclusive 

Nov biopsy CIN3 & HPV+

Jan attempt at LLETZ under LA unsuccessful

Feb LLETZ under GA - awaiting results  

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