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Unusual bleeding, persistant hpv..

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Unusual bleeding, persistant hpv..

Hi All, not happy to find myself back on this forum. My issues started in 2018, started bleeding after sex... casually mentioned it to my gp who then saw that I had never had a smear (stupid of me as a 31 year old) .  She gave me an emergency smear and she said she saw some abnormality which she thought was a cervical Ectrop?!

My results came back high grade changes so was booked in for colposcopy the next week.  At the appointment, the nurse saw the abnormal areas so did the LEEP procedure there and then.

My abnormal bleeding stopped, fully expected everything to be okay. Test of cure was 8 months after LEEP, this unfortunately came back as low grade changes and hpv positive (type 16).

Waited 6 months for my next colposcopy, the nurse again confirmed that she could see some abnormal areas still so she took some biopsy's.

I'm now waiting for the results but slightly anxious as in the weeks before my last colposcopy, I started getting the abnormal bleeding again, this has continued (bloody discharge in between periods and after sex).


have any of you experienced persistant hpv? Feeling doubtful that my body can clear this ( I have immune system issues) . 
I'm slightly concerned about the abnormal bleeding.

Does this make me more likely to have cervical cancer? 




I did end up with a persistent HPV infection that uktimately led to cervical cancer. I forst found out I had HPV when I was 25. I cleared it in 2 years and had no problems until I was 39 when I started testing positive again (no new partners). I had normal paps with HPV postive readings for two years, then an HPV negative pap totally normal. The the next year I was HPV positive with CIN III. Had a cold knife cone biopsy and was still HPV positive CIN I after it. Stayed HPV positive CIN I for two paps and then was at CINIII that turned out to be invasice cervical cancer. But we caught it early die to close monitoring and a radical hysterectomy was my cure. Most people clear the virus, but some lf the strands radically change cellular DNA once they get in there and make it hard to fight.

Try not to stress too much. As long as your regularly attend your doctor's appointments, you will stay on top of this and be fine. I know it is miserable and stressful, but other than eating healthy, not smoking, and getting exercise, there is just not much that you can do to control high risk HPV.

Stay strong!


11/18Abnormal Pap CINIII

12/18Colpo confirmsCINIII

12/18Cold Knife cone biopsy confirms CiNIII, clear margins-doctor suggest hysterectomy

1/19 second opinion-close monitoring appropriate

5/19, 8/19 paps and colpos CIN I

2/20 Pap reveals CIN III

3/17/20 Lietz under GA

3/20/20 Diagnosed with invasice cervical cancer, no clear margins

5/12/20Radical Hysterectomy, Lymph node dissection, ovarian transposition-Staged 1B1-no further treatment needed

Follow up 9/28/20



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