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Urgent referral

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Urgent referral

I had a phone call last Friday saying I needed to be seen - they apologised they had phoned before I received a letter. I was booked for a colposcopy and a LLETZ and also a biopsy. He soon as the doctor saw my cervix he straight away pointed out the abnormal are. He took what looked like an inch of my cervix off?! He used quite a lot of local anaesthetic presumably because it was a large area of abnormality?
All I have been told is there were severe changes and absolutely nothing else. I never received the letter with my results. After the procedure I felt very faint and had pain.
I went to the doctors a few weeks ago as I had been having pain but they have ruled out a urine infection. I have an 8 month old baby and I had pain during pregnancy and I also had a scan of my ovaries just before he was conceived and that was fine.
I’m really worried that the lack of information I am being given means it’s something sinister - I saw on their paperwork that it was an urgent referral.
My first and previous smear was 3 years ago and normal - how is it that it’s gone from normal to severe changes?
Could I already have cancer? I’m so worried as I have been having symptoms.
Has anyone had a similar experience? What happened next?
Many Thanks


Try not to worry too much. The protocol is that anyone who has high grade changes on their smear test has to be seen for colposcopy within 2 weeks whereas anyone with low grade changes has to be seen within 6 weeks. That is what is meant by urgent.

I went from normal to severe changes in 3 years too - it’s hard to get your head around isn’t it.

I got a letter with my results in 10 days but reading on here, 4 - 6 weeks is not uncommon.



I know, it’s such a worry. I think the lack of information I have is a big worry for me. Obviously I get there’s only so much that can be said but I was really holding out for a bit of reassurance.

i was told I would get a letter for the initial results but only for a phone call. I will be waiting in for the post!!!


do you mind me asking what your outcome was? I hope you are getting on ok x



They can only give you definite results once the lab has analysed the bit they cut off. Everyone on here agrees that the waiting to find out is the worst part of it all.

I had my lletz in July. My letter confirmed CIN3 and, after phoning my gynaecologist for reassurance, i was told the margins were clear. 

My physical recovery was very easy and straight forward. My anxiety not so much! I have my test of cure smear in January.



I'm new to this forum. 

I had a abnormal smear in October and LLETZ and biopsy on 4th November. I rang this morning for my results and was told the Consultant had them and would write to me this week. I then rang my GP to see if they would give me the results but they said the results hadn't been put on the online system yet. Last week when I rang they simply told me the results weren't in.

I don't feel unwell so hopefully that's a good sign but the waiting is so difficult and especially now that I know the results are in. 

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