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Waiting 12 weeks on biopsy results

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Waiting 12 weeks on biopsy results

Hi this is my first time posting... I went to the gp due to irregular bleeding not every month but a few times in the last year she completed a smear and said she was referring me urgently to the hospital as my cervix didn't look right.. a week later I went for a colopscopy the nurse doing it said she wasn't overly worried and she thought I had a erosion on my cervix but she was going to take a biopsy to be on the safe side... I've been waiting 12 weeks and haven't heard anything so I rang the gp and they haven't had any results back and advised me to ring the clinic direct. I did this today and they have said i have an appt on 18th June I asked about my results she wouldn't give me them. I asked what the appt was for and should I be worried and she said she didn't know... my nerves are away I cant stop shaking.... does this mean bad news if I have a further appt.... but surely they would have left it that long  if I hadn't have rang today I would be none the wiser

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