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Waiting on Cure smear results

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Waiting on Cure smear results

I had CIN 3 removed with clear margins in January, six month smear was 26th July. Still no results arrived and was told two weeks, we're now a little over that. I want to ring the GP surgery but I'm SO anxious, so scared they'll either not be able to tell me or they will and it'll be bad news. I'm stalking poor postie every day. 9-10am everyday I'm a right nervous twit. Is anyone in the Midlands experiencing delays? I worry they've not sent them as they didn't send my recall letter but I made sure they had my address. 

July 2015 - first smear Normal 


Smear delayed few months as was pregnant at time and told I could wait 


January 2019 - second smear, moderate changes

Colposcopy - CIN 2

Lletz results - CIN 3 clear margins

July 2019 - Test of Cure Normal & Clear of HPV!


I don't think there is anywhere in the country that is actually turning smear test results around in 2 weeks and i wish GP surgeries would stop telling women this and give the realistic timescale .

Hope everything is ok for you. My test of cure smear is not until next January and I'm already anxious. Any tips on getting a bloody grip would be most welcome !



Dancing Squirrel


i had my test of cure smear on Aug 1st. I’m in Scotland. I was told 6weeks for results...same as routine smear x


Just to give you some conformt I just had my follow up smear and was told 8 to 12 weeks wait  it can be quiet a while now they have started doing the hpv testing x


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