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I'm scared. For a while I had a bit of spotting after sex but I presumed it was hormones from having my son and then having the coil fitted. After losing a large clot, I saw the GP.

She reassured me that it's probably an infection or hormones so she would have a look and send off some swabs. She wouldn't tell me what she saw but explained she was putting in an urgent referral to the gynea clinic.

One week later I was seen. There is a 2cm mass on my cervix. The consultant reassured me that it's "more likely not to be cancer" due to me being 25. However, he wouldn't say any more. Two biopsies were taken.

It's almost 2 weeks and I am still waiting to hear something. I didn't have a colonoscopy, letz or anything. Just biopsy. Anyone else just have that? Don't worry about it you did and it was cancer, I would rather know.

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