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Waiting for results

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Waiting for results

Hello, I’m new to this so I will introduce myself. My name is Louise and I have 4 children (9yr old twin boys, 7yr old daughter and a 3 yr old son) I am 34. 


Since having smear tests tests I have never had a normal result. 

I had a smear a few weeks ago and was told I had high grade cell changes and needed an urgent colposcopy. This was done 6 days later. 

After the colposcopy the nurse sat me down and said she was worried. She has found a blood clot bulging from my cervix and behind this was a growth. She did a cervical biopsy, biopsy on the growth and a biopsy of my womb lining. 

I have constant problems. I suffer with ovarian cysts regularly, inconstance and my periods are hell. (I bleed heavily for 8-10 days) sex can also be extremely painful but I don’t bleed after. 

My biopsies have been sent as urgent but I’m loosing my mind and it’s only 2 days. I don’t think I can cope with the wait for 2 weeks. 

She tried to reassure me and say that it could all be fine but that there is a possibility it is cancer. 


I was was wondering if anyone has been through similar and had a good outcome. I’m trying to stay positive and tell myself what will be will be but it doesn’t stop me from driving myself mad. 


Thanks in advance


louise x

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