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Waiting on results. Gut feeling not good!

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Waiting on results. Gut feeling not good!


Had abnormal cells in last 2 smears but last 1 they lettered to say I needed a colposcopy.
Had colposcopy on 17th Oct and Dr said she could see a red area on cervix and wanted to do LLETZ there and then. Procedure really wasn't too bad after the local anesthetic. I have picked up an infection but it's under control.

I just have an awful gut feeling that the results are going to be bad. Am I just over thinking?

How long have you all waited for results xx

Smear test - 19th Sept 19 - abnormal cells Colposcopy and LLETZ - 17th Oct 2019



The waiting is awful isn't it. I've waited just over 4 weeks and am going out of my mind now. 

Hooe yours come back sooner x


The waiting is completely rubbish isn't it. I really feel for both of you.

My results after my lletz were back in 10 days but reading posts on here it seems that most people wait longer.

Remember that in most cases the results match the smear so will confirm the level of abnormality the smear showed and that the gynaecologist could see when they looked at the cervix. 

Good luck - I hope your recovery goes well and you get your results soon.



My test of cure is in January. I also have that gut feeling that it's not all over.

My rational brain tells me that I'm being a paranoid idiot - I hope it's right! 

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It's crazy isn't it. zx

Smear test - 19th Sept 19 - abnormal cells Colposcopy and LLETZ - 17th Oct 2019

If only we could stop our minds going into overdrive!

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I'm driving myself insane xx

Smear test - 19th Sept 19 - abnormal cells Colposcopy and LLETZ - 17th Oct 2019

Hi Tink

The mental battle is a really tough one. I hope your treatment has gone well and all will be ok. I’m waiting for results from an mri so I’m trying hard not to do the overthinking thing! xx

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