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Wetness and contraction like pain

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Wetness and contraction like pain

Hey all, 

I had my lletz several months ago and ever since I've had continuous wetness, my underwear is constantly damp. Sorry for TMI, but I always had discharge before but now its completely bizarre, I always had an odour too which never has disappeared. Anyone experience this? I am so paranoid about it. 

Following my lletz I got referred to MDT as results didn't match, smear, biopsy were consistent with severe abnormalities but lletz showed nothing. Got test of cure in 6 months.

Is this normal? I'm also having horrendous contraction like pain about 10 days before my period during the night which I never got before which is waking me up during the night and causing extreme pain and nausea.

I'm wondering what they did to me or missed something!! 

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