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What to expect after colposcopy, no biopsy, no treatment

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What to expect after colposcopy, no biopsy, no treatment

Hi everyone. I had a colposcopy yesterday, due to a couple abnormal smears this year and one a couple years ago. The doctor used vinegar and iodine and said she couldn't see anything abnormal, so there was nothing to biopsy. She applied some sort of paste that she explained was anti-viral, since I would seem to have a persistent HPV infection (I haven't been exposed to new strains).

She told me I'd get grey or silver discharge for 2-3 days. However, about 36 hours later I'm now getting bloody discharge, and previously it'd been light brown with grey flakes (I think that was the paste, as it was grey). Is that to be expected? No biopsy was taken and no procedure performed, so I'm not sure why I'd be bleeding. I had crampy pain yesterday, but not today, just feeling a bit under the weather.

Is this typical or should I be getting on touch with the clinic? Thanks.


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