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What happens now please

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Sarah barham
What happens now please

 Hi I've just been told I have abnormal  cells high grade moderate dyskaryosis  I'm due a colposcopy and lletz treatment on the 4th Dec I'm in shock to be honest freaking a tiny bit of what's to come I also have. Coil fitted will that be removed on day. Also have been bleeding after sex for. While but thought it was part of a period thimg and coil fitted  I don't get periods as a normal rule due to coil  so now Ive has this letter I'm freaking a bit more Thank u x Sarah 

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Hi, High grade moderate is CIN2 abnormal cervical cells and not cancer. These abnormal cells are very slow growing and don’t always become worse. The staff that carry out colposcopies are very friendly and will put you at ease, and will explain about the procedure. 

LLETZ is a very effective means of diagnosing (they’re more accurate) and treatment for CIN. They’ll give you a local anaesthetic, which only takes a couple of seconds to have and feels just like having blood taken. The whole procedure takes about 10-15 minutes. 

The bleedling could be the coil, as CIN doesn’t usually cause symptoms, but if you had anything worse, it would have been picked up by the smear. 

I hope I’ve relieved some of your worries, but you can always speak with your doctor, or use ‘ask the experts’ feature on this site.

Good luck and all the best.

1996 PCOS & bicornuate uterus

1998 laparoscopic ovarian drilling

1999 IUI fertility treatment 

2012-2014 3 positive smears at CIN1 with HR HPV, but 3 negative colposcopies

2015 1 negative smear, back to 3 yearly screening

May 2018 positive smear at CIN3

June 2018 LLETZ: inflammation at 6mm

Aug 2018 LLETZ: CIN3 without satisfactory clear deep margins at 12 mm

Oct 5th 2018 LAV Hysterectomy - HPV abnormal cells only

Nov 2018 1st Gardasil 9

Jan 2019 2nd vaccine dose

April 2019 Vault smear 

May 2019 3rd vaccine dose

June 2019 No VAIN but HPV active

Sarah barham

Thank you has put my mind at rest a bit just can't wait to get it over and done with   Xx

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