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What was your recovery experience after LEEP/LETZ procedure?

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What was your recovery experience after LEEP/LETZ procedure?

Hello Ladies,


I had my LEEP procedure performed on Tuesday under General Anaesthetic. I was expecting bad cramping and perhaps bleeding or discharge post-op, but to my surprise I have had absolutely no symptoms! Asides from some mild cramping after waking up from the anaesthetic, I felt completely normal. It’s day three post-op today, and so far I’ve only had a tiny amount of discharge like small scabs.

I’ve read about ladies feeling fine post-op and then going downhill a few days afterwards, is this something I should be concerned about?


What was your experience post LEEP/LETZ procedure?


Hi , glad to hear that you're feeling so well after your procedure. I've had three lletz procedures and one biopsy and felt fine afterwards. I had mild cramping for an hour or so after my second lletz but other than the expected discharge which was light and appeared after 3 or 4 days I had no further symptoms. I don't know whether that's typical but it's my experience. 

Jan 2016 - abnormal smear - moderate dyskaryosis

jan 2016 - lletz , cin2 confirmed, clear margins

Oct 2016 - 6 month follow up abnormal smear - moderate dyskaryosis 

Oct 2016 - repeat lletz , cin2 & cgin confirmed unclear lateral margins

Nov 2016 - 3rd deeper lletz - virtually no cervix left

Dec 2016 - results - no residue of disease left - recommending to mdt group monitoring at 6 months

July 2017 - 6 month follow up abnormal smear again - low grade dyskaryosis - punch biopsies taken now awaiting results 



I had my procedure two weeks last Monday (2 weeks and 5 days ago) and I was pretty much the same as you to be honest. I had one day of cramps and then I seemed to be mostly back to normal as far as pain and how I was feeling. I had the same as you, for the 5-7 days following it was the scabs kind of thing, charcoal horrible stuff. Then I had a period and I've been bleeding since! So, no pain or real discomfort but still having a small amount of blood each day. 

I think everyone heals in a different way. Hope you have a good recovery :)


Hi..I had my leep procedure 8/16/2019. The day of the procedure went well. I am 53 yrs old and had cin 2 dysplasia.  I was informed by my doctor that after the first day I should be good and resume my normal every day duties. That on the 10th day the scab will come loose. Which I would have bleeding. 

Every day I have experienced pain. A couple days the pain was in my lower back. Now it is in my pelvis. It is the weekend so i cant call anyone. I dont see anywhere that anyone has experienced these symptoms.  I show no signs of fever, but I had the flu last winter and never showed fever then either. I have taken 600 mg ibuprofen and my pain is still present. My discharge hasn't been bad til today. But he said it would because the scab would be coming off. I am thru menopause so I haven't had a period in 2 yrs. I am so grouchy I am surprised I am still married! I dont know what to do cause it's the weekend. I am hurting and afraid something is happening.

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