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Wire loop and cone biopsy

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Wire loop and cone biopsy

Hi everyone

Today I had my first ever colposcopy. I had my second smear test at the end of January 2020 which showed HPV and also high grade dyskaryosis.


The nurse strongly advised I have whatever treatment she would suggest once examining me, so I agreed to get it over and done with. 
She did the cone biopsy as well as the wire loop to remove the cells. It didn't hurt which I am suprised at as she said the local anaesthetic will sting but I didn't feel it. There was a bit of a funny senstation but no pain.

I have had very slight period pain only a handful of times too!

Feeling quite anxious with this whole experience as my first smear test which was three years ago was completely clear. Just wondered if anyone has experienced this and what was the outcome? 

Thanks x

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