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Worried waiting for results

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Worried waiting for results


I had a colposcopy on the 18th feb after hpv was found at my 3 previous smear tests, the first two smears had no abnormal cells, the last smear in November 20 did not have enough cells to give an accurate result but because of my hpv I was referred for colposcopy. 
At my last smear I was having pelvic inflammation and problems with my bladder.

I was referred by my doctor for ultrasound because of the bladder, pelvic problems.

the colposcopy immediately showed a large area of white, I had 3 biopsys done and I am waiting the results, the consultant didn't expect to find anything before the colposcopy began, he said it could be cin 1,2 or 3 but expected cin 1, he also said the cells that were checked on the smear there was nothing abnormal even though there were not enough to give an accurate result.

I had the ultrasound yesterday full abdominal and my kidneys showed mild hydronephrosis, this could be caused by infection or blockage.

Ive sent myself crazy with worry assuming this means I have advanced cervical cancer and it's affecting my kidneys.

I am very worried.







I've also had hvp (showing) for three years and abnormal cells showed up in Jan. I am also waiting for the results from my biopsy. Which I only had done last Monday. 
It's hard not to worry but we have to try and not to... they do these tests to prevent anything bad happening at the end of the day. 

I hope your results come back soon and all is good !! 

stay positive. 


Good morning,

Thank you for sharing your experience, I am new to this forum today and am finding reading others experiences a real comfort and that others are sharing the same feelings.

I had a smear done two weeks ago, I received a letter last week to be booked in for colposcopy then Monday the hospital called and asked me to attend an appointment that afternoon. This for me was amazing as there was no time for the build up and worrying, when i arrived the Doctor explained that I had HPV and CGIN. He explained that I would be having a biopsy and that the procedure should remove the abnormal cells, I felt like I was not prepared for it at all and that it was a whirlwind! I didnt realise that the aftercare is very similar to surgery so not realising started walking home while I waited for my husband to collect me, I have bled heavily since having LLETZ done. The intense throbbing pain has gone but am still feeling tender and if I stand for too long I can feel an uncomfortable pulling sensation which makes me feel like I need to sit down. Its only been three days and I want to be up on my feet doing more, I am not the sort of person who just sits still.

The waiting much like others is what is driving me mad, I am finding that I am not my normal self and seem very distracted to close people around me. Just don't know what to do with myself. 

Rachel Savage

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