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Hi ladies,

about a decade ago my husband and I found out we couldn't have children, nothing to do with cc. We have adopted two gorgeous girls, been with us for almost 7 years.

please feel free to fire any adoption questions at me!

Molly xxx

13.8.14 abnormal smear

26.814 colposcopy and punch biopsies

11.9.14 lletz under GA. Told likely cc.

19.9.14 MDT confirmed cc stage 1b

23.9.14 Ct scan (clear) admitted for heavy bleeding. Silver niterate applied.

26.9.14 MRI 10.10.14 MRI#2 both clear

11.11.14 radical Hysterectomy

21.11.14 no further treatment required


Hi Millz,

thats lovely that you decided to adopt. It's great to have someone on the board that has been there and done it.


hope you and your family are well xx

2007 age 26 diagnosed with 1B1 cervical ccancer July 2007 radical Trac

all cclear lymphodema in both legs. Now starting my fertility journey!


HI,thinking of adoption,but international(45 old ,might be abit too old for british adoption and also thought they would cross you because you are a risk because you have had cancer,how do they view that issue)how did you start,where did you go for help,how long,hope you and your family are well,mandy


Hi,me again,just reread your comment,why did you wait 2 years for a hysteretomy,i have been told will need in future,might as well start preparing for it,thanks mandy 

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