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Decisions, adoption, surrogacy?

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Decisions, adoption, surrogacy?

So I've never been bothered about having children, I thought about it years ago but my ex was adamant he didn't want them. Then I was diagnosed and my life changed. Now I'm 37, friends all had/having children and I feel I'm missing out. 

Had an offer of surrogacy (their egg as mine damaged by radio) and thought about adoption as have friend who has recently adopted a baby age six months. 

Really feel that time is ticking on and do I try with one of the options as I feel I'll regret it in ten years, or do I carry on as I am? Really finding it an emotional rollercoaster right now. 

Thank you in advance. X

7/7/14 diagnosed with cc

MRI showed no spread

20/8/14 radical laparascopic hysterectomy with conservation of ovaries. Histology showed microscopic cell in one of nine nodes removed and LVSI present, so radio chemo combo starting 20/10/14. Triggered menopause  - ovaries damaged from treatment :-(

January 2016 Pain in groin, buttocks, tailbone, legs and slight bleed post sex. CT scan and colposcopy.

February 2016 Diagnosed with lymphaedema in left thigh, groin and pelvis. Awaiting bone scan to check for osteoporosis. 

May 2016 Osteopenia confirmed.  Prescribed HRT. 

September 2016 On to four monthly check ups :-)

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i think if youve been thinking about it so much, then there is no harm in researching each option further. 

if you pursue surrogacy then you or your partner need to be genetically related to the baby. if youre a single person pursuing surrogacy then you will need to use your own eggs. are you totally unable to make embryos with your own eggs? going down the surrogacy route also requires quite a huge amount of money.

im unable to give any advice regarding adoption but from what ive heard from others, its not always possible to adopt a baby (as they are usually preferred).

research as much as you can and weigh up the pros and cons of both.

good luck xxx

Feb 2016 - First smear - clear

March 2018 - Started bleeding after intercourse, referred for colposcopy

May 2018 - Colposcopy and punch biopsies  - biopsy clear

30th May 2019 - Smear (still bleeding after intercourse)

15th August 2019 - High grade dyskaryosis

21st August 2019 - colposcopy and LLETZ to remove precancerous cells 

2nd October 2019 - CIN2 & 3 

3rd March 2020 - Follow up smear and colposcopy

20th April 2020 - All clear, no HPV

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