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After Effects of Cervical Cancer

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After Effects of Cervical Cancer

Hello Ladies, I'm new to this site. This is my story... I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1997, I had a hysterectomy and still had my ovaries. The last 3 years I have experienced numbness down the left side of my pelvic area and top half of leg. After 3 biopsies the results came back being the after effects of radiotherapy which was not mentioned at the time when I had my hysterectomy. As well as that have now been going through the menopause after ongoing tests 2 years ago, there is alot of info about having a full hysterectomy and going through menopause but I can't seem to find any info about anyone that went through it a while back and is now experiencing menopause. I have been to see a consultant who put me on firstly vagifem and now estradiol. Can anyone advise if I should stay on the HRT because it doesn't seem to make much difference and also how long menopause lasts. I have little energy and a fuzzy head. Is there any food or drinks that would help relieve it. Thank You x


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