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Fem 7 Conti Patch - where to stick it???

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Fem 7 Conti Patch - where to stick it???

anyone else using these and where is the most appropriate to stick them?! 


Meant to last 7 days, my first one fell off my thigh on day 3! I'll stock it on my forehead if anyone says it stays there best haha! 


Thanks xx 


Hi, just wanted to stop by and let u know that I had tried 

these and couldn't get them to stick properly. 

I am currently using Evorel and they stick much better. 

Although struggling to be honest to get the whole HRT thing


Good luck x 

Aged 35

Aug 14 - Abnormal Smear


Oct 14 - MRI - Confirmed stage 2

Nov 14 - EUA - Downgraded to 1B

Radical Hysterectomy 17th Nov

Dec 14 - didn't get clear margins so 5 weeks chemoradiotherapy 

5 internal sessions - upgraded to 2A1

 July 15 - All clear given

Sept  - HRT sorted :)

All clear on all checks since 


I have been using these for the last 18 months, initially having difficulty getting them to adhere, but lately with success. i think there was some problem with manufacture for a time, when the adhesive just didn't adhere and they were not available  on nhs prescription in my area. Anyway, for the last 6 months they have stuck firm! (My current batch is use before 10/2017 and they are sticky.)

by trial and error I have found they work best for me on the lower abdomen, just above pubic bone, on alternating left and right side. I apply after showering, taking care to be absolutely dry. (Sometimes use a hairdryer to be completely sure) I apply lying down, peel off backing, one side at a time, never touch the adhesive side, and hold in place for about 30 seconds. (Hand heat and firm pressure seem to fix them so they stay attached) They are hidden below the line of bikini briefs, protected from chafing and curling.

i have found they have to be applied carefully and in one go- they do not work if you try to reposition, even slightly.

i have to pull firmly to detach so I think they have made changes to the adhesive. It also leaves a sticky residue. (Anyone got ideas or tips for easy removal of this?)

I hope this helps someone. 

I would also be interested to hear of other successful places to stick them.


I put them on my bum cheeks as I was finding my knickers and jeans were dragging them off when I was changing- is this right? I've had no problems with them. I actually have found them to be fantastic. I've been on them since November and noticed that I am no way near as dry down below. Do you find the same?

I panic about discharge now after ignoring the symptoms when I had CC - what is normal for discharge now? Gross but I kick myself for ignoring my heavy discharge before diagnosis. 


N x 

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