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HRT after CC

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HRT after CC

Good Morning ladies,

So i think i am pre menopausal, so I am off to the doctors on Thursday to see what they can do to help.

I am really unsure of my options, and I am not aware if we can have HRT after having CC. I spoke to the doctors a couple of years ago about having something to stop my periods, as I cannot have any more children after having CC.

They told me there was nothing they could give me, only offer me a full hysterectomy, which I didn't want at the time.

Because of this i assumed I would also not be allowed HRT? Just looking for any advise please as I am a little lost on this new journey, and I want to make sure I go to the docs knowing what some of my options are.

Thank you so much


2007 age 26 diagnosed with 1B1 cervical ccancer July 2007 radical Trac

all cclear lymphodema in both legs. Now starting my fertility journey!

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I went into full menopause at 33 after my first chemo. I went a year or so without HRT, but dr decided I needed them. I’m on a combipatch. 

June 2016- pap, not up to date, results abnormal

Julyy 5th-  After followups diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma

July 12th 2016- Met with oncologist, clinically staged at 1b2, staging confirmed with MRI and PET. Tumor is endocervical and approx 7 cm.

August 2016- Started chemorads. Post followup after treatment, NED

Sept 2018- Still NED


I suppose it depends on age.

I was diagnosed with CC when I was 32 and successfully completed treatment the following year. I then fought for a year with my practice nurse with regard to HRT. 

She said that despite blood tests showing I was post menopausal, I didn't show enough symptoms to justify my prescription. I was 34 when I took this further and spoke to a GP. Going through the menopause at such a young age puts me at risk to a number of things, two main ones being osteoporosis and issues with my heart. Despite any risks that may occur with HRT, the benefits for me outweigh those risks.

I recently spoke to my GP giving the recent MHRA statement on HRT and they again said, if I was older they may advise against HRT but giving my age they would strongly advise that I have the support of HRT.


Just for information - I'm on Kliofem. I was giving this as I underwent chemo/radio rather than surgery.



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