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Link between CIN & VIN diagnoisis

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Link between CIN & VIN diagnoisis

Hi everyone 


I have recently been diagnosed with both Lichen sclerosus and VIN 2 abnormal cells. after I was referred to a Gyne-Oncologist  I was told that these conditions are linked to abnormal smears. I was shocked as i had never heard of either.  

In fact I had to contact my surgery to find out what my abnormal smear diagnosis was as no one ever told me it just that it was abnormal and needed treating and was routine. All those years ago I never really thought much of it.  Now i wish i had been so much better informed as my LS was undiagnosed for some years and I have fused lower vulva making penetrative sex almost impossible and increasing my risk of getting VIN. 

Have just had surgery and now worried this is the start of the slippery slope as it seems unlike CIN VIN is a gift that keeps on giving anreturnsrs with a vengeance. 


Am i the only one wondering why we don't knowe anything about these conditins, their risks or ll;inks to abnormal smears? why dont they check the vulva at the same time?   I findit all so hard to come to terms with as no one seems to know much about this condition until its too late and you have it.  


Anyone else had a similar expereince or be told anything about it?



October 1987 - moderate-sever Dyskaryosis Cin 2-3

January 1988 - Colposcopy & cold coagulation

Normals smears ever since

October 2016 - diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosus 

December 2016 - fused lower labia diagnosed

April 2017 - Biopsy taken diagnosed with VIN 2  link to CIN diagnosis and LS advised. 

June 2017 - wide Local Incision to remove CIN 2 cells 

Now trying to make sense of it all and wondering why GP's and women are not informed about vulval health and risks

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