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Uterus cramping after menopause

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Uterus cramping after menopause

Ok- not cancer cos been checked using mri and internal examination but why the hell is my uterus cramping like before a period after menopause ?

its a while to wait before my appointment with the fertility team....

nothinh suspicious - so what is it ?xxx


November 2015 abnormal smear followed by colposcopy and loop cone biopsy

December 2015 CC 1b1 diagnosed 

February 2016 Radical Trachelectomy

March 2016 told microscopic cancer cells were found in one lymph node - recommended further treatment (chemo/radio)

April 2016 froze 9 embryos. Considering potential surrogacy

June 2016 5 chemo 28 radiotherapy . Not easy esp with a baby who wakes early but im getting better 


Flower Power

It is your uterus contracting this is an after effect of the rads that you had.    Mine started about 1 year after treatment and continued for a further year then just stopped.   When I spoke to my consultant about it he was like yeh this is quite normal.   Hope this helps to answer your question XX 

Flower Power

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