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2 lletz, no clear margins, persistent HPV and no children

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2 lletz, no clear margins, persistent HPV and no children

Hi everyone.

Not sure where the right place to post this is so I’ve actually posted it two places as it is for several different things.

As you can see by reading at the bottom about my journey I’ve been through a lot of with messing with my cervix for what is almost a year in January. I have a lot of concerns and have a really hard time dealing with the effects and reality of all this and I constantly feel stressed and anxious.

I just got the results from my second surgery, stating no clear borders and confirming cin 3. I have high risk hpv so this worries me a lot. I talked to a doctor from the hospital which told me that, they might not be able to do another lletz but in some cases they were able to do a “special” one just reaching the area where it needs. She said that if I had finished my family by now they would have advised a hysterectomy. This freaks me out!!! My biggest dream is to have a family, and my boyfriend and I are more then ready to start but have not had the green light from the hospital just yet.
The doctor also said that when I get the green light it would be advisable to finish my family as fast as possible.

All of this makes me think that the hospital also thinks of the worst. I’m worried because I am so young and this has been such a stressful experience. I know some of you deal with a lot worse than this and you have my deepest respect. I don’t know if I am able to handle anything worse by now with the constant worrying.

Beside this I have been offered to get a scan to possible have an abdominal cerclage. Have any of you had any experience with this?

And have any been in the position where you where might not able to receive another lletz? I’m so worried that this suddenly will develop into cancer because I’ve had it for so long and it is still there and so “wide spread”.

I appreciate any advice and any experiences shared.

25 years old
  • 08/01-2019 1st smear - HSIL
  • 08/04-2019 Colposcopy and punch biopsy - CIN3
  • 21/05-2019 Lletz cone biopsy - no clear margins, confirm cin3
  • 22/07-2019 smear because of bleeding + HPV test - High risk HPV other than 16 and 18 and HSIL
  • 03/09-2019 Colposcopy and punch biopsy - cin3
  • 24/10-2019 lletz cone biopsy - cin3 again, no clear margins
Waiting for smear and new HPV test at 14/01-2020 and measuring of my cervix for maybe putting in an abdominal cerclage. I have no children yet.

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