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2nd LLETZ Treatment questions.

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2nd LLETZ Treatment questions.

Hi Ladies,

I am about to have my second LLETZ treatment, my first one was 5 years ago and I have a bunch of questions.

My fertility questions is that I have read that the more treatments you have the more difficult it is to carry a baby successfully. (Potentially) I wondered how much this is true? 

I am 29, not pregant not planning for the near future to be. But I am worried that this will be a cycle for the rest of my life now, and if it will effect my future family. 

Does anyone have any experiences with this?

Thanks in advance.


Yes multiple lletz can affect your ability to carry a baby to term. I'm on a Facebook group for pregnant ladies with incompetent cervix and lots of those are caused by multiple lletz treatment. They usually monitor your cervical length with regular scans, they can put a stitch in to hold the cervix shut, some are given progesterone suppositories and some have to be on bed rest. Some have premature labour's but lots on there have carried successfully with the stitch. Thing is if you have abnormal cells they need removing so just let your doctor know you're concerned about future pregnancy and see what they suggest. Good luck x

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