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Bemfola - Fertility treatment

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Bemfola - Fertility treatment

Hi everyone.

I was recently diagnosed with stage 2b cervical cancer and my consultant has rushed me through to the fertility specialists before I undergo my chemo and radiotherapy to preserve my fertility. I started on a drug called bemfola (administered by injection) tonight and it is making me feel a little nauseated. I have a strange pain on my right outer butt cheek (i was injected with something there earlier in the day, can't remember what) and I am a little concerned about it. It feels like a bruise being hit, if that makes sense.

Has anyone else gone through this? Is what I am feeling normal?

All information I can find on google doesnt really give me much and not too many people seem to be talking about this stuff on forums.

October 2019 - smear test

November 2019 - results back; hpv with severe dyskaryosis, colposcopy organised.

November 2019 - colposcopy, biopsied - confirmed abnormal cells

December 2019 - lletz done

Jan 2020 - confirmed cancer

Feb - confirmed stage 2b CC (updated info, staging changed to stage 3 invlving lymph nodes)

Treatment start March - 28 external radio/5 chemo/4 brachy

April 25th - finished brachy

July 2020 - MRI

Aug - confirmed cancer in lymph node

Sept 2020 - lymphadenectomy (unsuccessful)

Nov 2020 - PET scan - confirmed metastatic cancer -cyberknife denied - chemo only option


First off sorry you're going through this whole cancer journey. Is this drug for egg retrieval? I had egg freezing before treatment, I don't think they used that specific brand on me. Everyone is different in how their body reacts to the fertility drugs.luckily I didn't experience any nausea but was told and read that that was normal. I was always injected in my stomach and sometimes it would feel sore.i hope everything turns out well, and if u have any questions feel free to ask me.

  • 01/22/2019 abnormal pap results 
  • 04/04/2019 colposcopy/ punch biopsy 
  • 04/15/2019 diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma stage 1b2 6cm tumor 
  • 5/10/2019 egg retrieval surgery. 2 eggs retrieved and frozen 5/23/2019. 5 slit laparoscopic lymph node removal surgery and ovary transposition. 1pelvic lymph node involvement, bumped up to stage 3
  • 6/19/2019 started radiation and chemo
  • 8/5/2019 4 brachytherapy. Finished cancer treatment 25 radiation 5 chemo and 4 brachytherapy,Awaiting scan in November 
Pet scan results NED 11/13/19

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