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Does hpv ( 16/18) affect fertility?

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Does hpv ( 16/18) affect fertility?

I've had it since apr 2019.. So it's been a minute. 

My bf and I are trying for a baby but... 


I took some plan bs bc I wasn't ready yet. I took a total of 3 not in the same day. Took 1 one month another this month. 



So I'm wondering if hov plus that will render me infertile?

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As far as I am aware hpv does not affect fertility, but if you want to be certain you will need to speak to your doctor or one of the people on the helpline here. 

October 2019 - smear test

November 2019 - results back; hpv with severe dyskaryosis, colposcopy organised.

November 2019 - colposcopy, biopsied - confirmed abnormal cells

December 2019 - lletz done

Jan 2020 - confirmed cancer

Feb - confirmed stage 2b CC (updated info, staging changed to stage 3 invlving lymph nodes)

Treatment start March - 28 external radio/5 chemo/4 brachy

April 25th - finished brachy

July 2020 - MRI

Aug - confirmed cancer in lymph node

Sept 2020 - lymphadenectomy (unsuccessful)

Nov 2020 - PET scan - confirmed metastatic cancer -cyberknife denied - chemo only option

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