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LLETZ and wait time to TTC

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LLETZ and wait time to TTC


Me and my partner were due to start trying to conceive when I received the results from my smear saying it was abnormal. After a colposcopy and biopsies it confirmed I have CIN 3 and am due to have the LLETZ procedure in a few weeks. I was just wondering how long after this you have to wait until you can TTC again? I'm devastated as in some places ive read that they recommend you wait up to 6 months but I've also seen people saying it's safe to start again after 6 weeks? 
Any help would be appreciated to put my mind at ease 

thanks in advance 


 Hi Megan,

I had the LLETZ done very recently and my consultant said that we can start trying to TTC as soon as we get the first clear result from the procedure, in case it needs to be repeated or if they find something else that wasn't detected at first. For us they said absolutely no need to wait for the test of cure (in 6 months) if everything seems well. The doctor said I had CIN1/CIN2 if that makes any difference. We're so eager to start as well! 

Hope this helps 😊

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