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Pinpointing 1st day of cycle

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Pinpointing 1st day of cycle

After both LETZ my period got really long 7 days plus 2-3 brown discharge before and after. MRI done in Aug 2019 mentioned possibility of polyp, but multiple ultrasounds show nothing. Hospital doc put me on Yasmin to help with bad periods. I started taking it on the 1st day of bleeding (after 2-3days of brown discharge). But have to stop after 12th day due to bad cramps and lots of bleeding. I was prescribed Levest now and was told to take it on the 1st day of spotting. I started seeing brown discharge on 25th day of the cycle and I am taking pills now. Slightly worried if I'm doing it right as my periods are funny. Can anyone reassure me please?

11/18 HPV16 severe dyskaryosis 12/18 LETZ no clear margins 02/19 LETZ squamous nuclar atypia of uncertain significance no infections 03/19 US ok 05/19 HPV FREE, constant pain 08/19 MRI possibility of a small polyp, periods +7days, cramps, back pain 11/19 US ok 12/19 stopped Yasmin cramps & bleeding 02/20 stopped Levest cramps & bleeding 07/20 discharged due to moving cities, 8 days periods with 2 days of heavy bleeds, back pain week before and during the period, nausea, breast pain, cramps (worse just after the period) 09/20 US ok Desogestrel or Mirena suggested

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