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Pregnant after Radical trachelectomy

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Pregnant after Radical trachelectomy

Hi all,

I’m hoping for some advice from the ladies who have conceived following a Radical Trachelectomy. I found out today that I’m six weeks pregnant after five rounds of ivf and two miscarriages. I had an early scan today and a heartbeat was detected.

Obviously it’s very early days but I wanted to know what people’s experience was of pre-term labour for ladies in our situation- any advice on how to keep the fetus healthy/what to avoid etc. Any info or help you can give me would be amazing- I’m freaking out a little bit and not sure what to do next...


Thank you in advance, you’re all amazing.

Gem xxx

Oct 2013: diagnosed with 1B2 adenocarcinoma

6 cycles of chemotherapy 

Dec 2013: Radical Trachelectomy and lymph node dissection 


Hi Gem,

Thank you for posting this. I myself have also just become pregnant (6 weeks now) after trying for almost 7 years now (x2 failed IVF cycles, natural conception success), and having had a radical trachelectomy over 10 years ago. I've been searching online for support with little success, and came across your post. I'm hoping there's some ladies out there that can help us out! Anyway, it's really lovely to know there's someone else out there in the world going through the same thing. 

I hope things are still going well, and am here for support through this journey. 





Hey both!

I am also in the same boat, I am pregnant (about 14 weeks) after having had a radical trachelectomy 4 years ago.

I have been referred to a pre term birth clinic and I am seeing the consultant from that clinic when I will be 18 weeks. I can update you after that.

I read on the nhs website not to have sex when pregnant if you have a weakened cervix so considering I don't have one, we have decided not to have sex. The midwife didn't know how to advise on this and said to wait to see specialist.

I have spoken to someone who had a cone biopsy and has a permanent suture, she has had two children and was told not to swim during pregnancy. So I am following this advice until I see the specialist.


Hope this helps a little bit and I'm hoping someone who has had successful pregnancies can help us all out with more advice. 

It would be great to keep in touch on here.

Hope you are both feeling ok and not nauseous! All the best xxx

Diagnosed with stage 1b1 cervical cancer in January 2015, aged 25.

Had radical trachelectomy in March 2015 and given the all clear two weeks later.


Hi Janey,


Thanks so much for posting a response! I'm at 12 weeks now and still freaking out over the slightest bleed. Had two threatened miscarriages (second was just this morning) and don't feel so supported by my gynaecology team. Thank you for the suggestions, I too have been abstaining from any penetration (much to the sheer dismay of my partner) and am sadly starting to feel quite lost in all of it. I don't have a very strong support system and the lack of information out there is a struggle. 

Hoping you're still going strong, you must be nearing the 20 week mark soon! 


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