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Pregnant after Radical trachelectomy

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Pregnant after Radical trachelectomy

Hi all,

I’m hoping for some advice from the ladies who have conceived following a Radical Trachelectomy. I found out today that I’m six weeks pregnant after five rounds of ivf and two miscarriages. I had an early scan today and a heartbeat was detected.

Obviously it’s very early days but I wanted to know what people’s experience was of pre-term labour for ladies in our situation- any advice on how to keep the fetus healthy/what to avoid etc. Any info or help you can give me would be amazing- I’m freaking out a little bit and not sure what to do next...


Thank you in advance, you’re all amazing.

Gem xxx

Oct 2013: diagnosed with 1B2 adenocarcinoma

6 cycles of chemotherapy 

Dec 2013: Radical Trachelectomy and lymph node dissection 

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