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to treat or not

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to treat or not

Hi there, I am 28 and wondering if anyone has had lletz treatment twice and also then had children. The specialist nurse advised that it appeared the CGIN I had is back and could be that HPV is still active. I have already had one bout of lletz treatment but I am unsure of what to do if offered this again? 

she did ask if I am thinking of having a family which I advised I would like to but I feel a bit stuck between decisions if they advise further treatment as she did say the more that is treated the harder it can be. I'm in a bit of a pickle about it all.... 


Appreciate any advice 


Thank you Suzy 

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I can consult my doctor and i'll let you know all information provided! 


I would also appreciate any advise on this situation too! 

I am 26, currently In early stages of pregnancy with my first baby... 7 months ago I had LLETZ treatment for high grade cells and currently waiting for results back from a recent smear, to see if more treatment is needed.  Not going to lie, slightly crapping myself!! 

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